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14th Jun 2021

Why Range beats Specialization with Dejuan Brown

Guest: Dejuan Brown

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dejuanbrown/

Topic: Building Sales RANGE 

Quick Intro: I’m a firm believer that the sales industry has OVER specialized, we have put people into buckets to try and make them really good at one thing, but it is actually hurting overall results. That’s why I’m so excited to have Dejuan Brown on the show today because he has what the call RANGE. SMB sales, Enterprise Sales, Leadership and Enablement. Scaling and working with the big boys. Mentor or Freelance consultant. This dude has dabbled in it all, which is why I think it gives him such a unique perspective approach to sales, scaling and coaching. I hope you’re ready to get your range on, here we go!

Short and Sweet/Set the stage 

  1. Why is having range so important?

Core Questions

  1. In order to develop range you have to learn quickly, how do you learn quickly?
  2. Coaching - Everyone talks about it, few do it. How should people be coaching. 
  3. Training - How often should leaders and reps focus on training?
  4. Enablement - How should companies approach enablement so it actually sticks and has impact
  5. IC to Leadership to IC again - Why the transition.
  6. What should leaders learn from ICs and what should IC’s learn/understand about leadership. 
  7. Same Idea - What could start up’s learn from the big boys, what should the big boys be learning from the start ups. 

The Tactical Tips: The Big 3. 

If they were to forget everything in this episode except 3 things. What would those 3 things be?

Live Better Question: What is one piece of advice you’d give for someone to LIVE better as a salesperson. 

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