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25th Jun 2020

Stress, Mental Health, and Sales with Jeff Risely of Sales Health Alliance

Guest: Jeff Riseley

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffriseley/

Topic: Sales Mental Health - How mindset can and does drive your sales results.  

Quick Intro: Why Jeff - He has committed his career to trying to bring sales mental health, or actually the lack there of too the forefront. He started a community/company called The Sales Health Alliance. Without effective strategies to manage burnout and protect mental health – downward spirals of high anxiety or depression are frequent. They make it hard for salespeople to show-up and sell – let alone get out of bed. He is committed to the person in sales person like I am, and we’re going to dive in!

Some Key Questions

  1. Why do so many salespeople struggle with mental health.
  2. Why do dont more salespeople and leaders talk about it?
  3. What is the impact of all this? How widespread is the problem?
  4. What are things that reps can do themselves to start taking better care of themselves?
  5. What are things that LEADERS can do to help take care of their teams mental health

Give it a listen and step your mental health game up.

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