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4th Feb 2021

Executive Hiring and Firing with THE Amy Volas

Guest: Amy Volas

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyvolas/

Topic: Executive Hiring and Getting Hired

Quick Intro: We’ve got Mrs Thursdaynight sales herself Amy Volas. A LinkedIn top sales voice. A sales hacker most dynamic woman in sales. A $100M+ closer who knows how to close big deals with the best of them. But most importantly just an amazing, genuine, humble and helpful person. I have turned to Amy a couple times over the past year or so when I need a good talking to, and she has always delivered. Amy is one of the best sales leadership placement, in the country. She helps start-ups hire the RIGHT VP for the Right stage they are in. but ALSO helps VPS’s land the roles that are best for THEM. We are going to talk hiring, firing, and more today, let’s go!

Short and Sweet/Set the stage 

  1. Where do YOU think the blame falls for this 18 month turn over

Core Questions

  1. Why founders SHOULDN’T be responsible for the VP Hire
  2. Where do companies go wrong when trying to attract top sales leadership?
  3. What should they look for in a candidate/company and how to suss it out. 
  4. What are commonly missed red flags?
  5. When should a company call it? When should a VP call it?
  6. How do you determine if someone is the right fit for a company and vice versa?
  7. Aspiring VP’s - what should they be doing NOW to get ready/build the resume
  8. How to sell yourself in the interview process - Make them want you.

The Tactical Tips: The Big 3. 

If they were to forget everything in this episode except 3 things. What would those 3 things be?


Live Better Question: What is one piece of advice you’d give for someone to LIVE better as a salesperson. 


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